I've got the Photo Fever!!

Apr 29, 2012

Oh boy has it been a long time since I have posted any pictures!
I apologize to you and myself, because I need to be out there getting as many pictures as I can!


It is finally Spring in Michigan, and I have been getting the itch to go out and start photographing more things, getting photo's developed and finally getting my portfolio together, which is something that I really need to do!!! 

In September I got my first smart phone, a Droid x2. It has such a good camera on it I have found myself leaving the camera at home and just using my phone for picture taking, but I have been missing my camera, it almost feels like cheating not using my camera! lol

So I need to get out there and get some new pictures! Some new material to work with cause honestly I am getting sick of looking at the same stuff all the time! :)

Just so you know, I have not left or abandoned my photo blog, okay I sort of have, but I am going to make up for it! lol

:) There will be pictures to come! And I hope that you will enjoy them! 
Okay, until next time, take care and God Bless!