Dec 12, 2010

Wow, I can not believe the snow we are getting here in Michigan!
Right now we have gotten at least 3 inches and it's still coming, oh boy it's looking pretty nasty out there!
So naturally I get my camera out to take pictures of it!

Well this snow fall is supposed to keep going all night long!
I love when it snows like this and I'm all tucked inside my house, warm and cozy!
These pictures I took through my kitchen window! lol
But I will take more, when I get outside, if ever.....wish me luck! 
Take care!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!

Dec 1, 2010

Well I couldn't believe it when I woke up this morning, looked out the window
and was let into what everyone most likely already knew but me since I slept in
a little longer this morning!
It Snowed!!

A thin layer of beautiful snow fell last night while we where all snug in our beds.
And it is still gently falling, which puts me into the Christmas spirit even more!

Take Care!

Some Photo's!

Nov 20, 2010

          Finally, some new photo's!
No to many,
But, there is more to come!!

A Fall sunset!

My Mom's birdhouse's hanging on the tree that was
hit by lightning this fall during an extremly bad thunderstorm!
I thought it made for a interesting picture!

My other cat, Josie!
Sorry there's not more, but I will try to get some new very shortly!
But for now,
Take Care,


I need new photo's

Nov 9, 2010

Sorry I don't have many photo's to show, I haven't gotten out there and taken any in a while..I am not sure if you have seen these yet, if you have, sorry,, but if you haven't, I hope you like them!

Shutterbug'n around again!!

Oct 29, 2010

Photo of my Mom's angel statue, I though it would make for a good


My Parents cat named Magic!
(she looks kind of angry in this photo)

The pumpkins we carved this year!  Mine is on the top step!

Jennifer and my Mom carving pumpkins!

My Cat, Mr. Big.  lol He looks so Regal in this picture!
I love it!

On Top of the World!!

Oct 22, 2010

These pictures where taken from the top of the
John Hancock building.
I am not afraid of hieghts, but this really made me nervous!
When we got on the elevator, it started to rock so it could get momentum
to the top.  Oh boy, my Mom and Myself almost freaked out.
The pressure in the elevator on the way up made me so disoriented, I could
barely walk. But I got through it!! And now I have these great pictures
for all of you to see!

The Navy Pier is very cool, lots of things to do.
Unfortunatly, we were unable to go at night, which would have been beautiful, but it
just wasn't in the cards!

Jennifer and  Autumn on the Navy Pier.

On the Navy Pier.
There was a Hoggon Dass that we just had to stop at.
Yes I am hugging a ice cream cone!!

I zoomed in on this from the Navy Pier.
I love this light house.

Tranisorous Rex at the Shed Museum.
This is the very first time I have ever seen one.  Absolutly amazing to

Chicago Photo's

The Grand Lux Cafe.

                                                                             Hersheys Store, it was very cute!                                    

This is the John Hancock building. It is 96 floors high. We took a trip to the top and boy oh boy
was it high!! Lets just say I was very nausous!!!

What a trip!

Well, I'm sorry to say that we are back from our trip to Chicago! Man, what a great time we had! If you haven't been, you need to go. It is so beautiful! Lot's of things to see and do.  I took a lot of pictures, so i might have to spread them out a little on here, but here are some of them.
This is the first resturant we went to on the first day. It is called
The Grand Lux Cafe. It has the most wonderfull food, desserts and
drinks!! If you are in Chicago, this is a must!
This picture does not give it justice, it is beautiful.
This is a Tahition Pinapple I had. Absolutly wonderful!

Dessert!! These are yummy!

Me on the train. On the way there.

Autumn (my sister) on the train.

Jennifer and Me at the Grand Lux.