Dec 12, 2010

Wow, I can not believe the snow we are getting here in Michigan!
Right now we have gotten at least 3 inches and it's still coming, oh boy it's looking pretty nasty out there!
So naturally I get my camera out to take pictures of it!

Well this snow fall is supposed to keep going all night long!
I love when it snows like this and I'm all tucked inside my house, warm and cozy!
These pictures I took through my kitchen window! lol
But I will take more, when I get outside, if ever.....wish me luck! 
Take care!


Sparkling Mimi said...

What pretty pictures. We haven't gotten any snow yet here in Western Mass except for a dusting. I'm torn between wanting a white Christmas and not wanting to deal with digging out or driving in the mess. But then again, I am missing a great photo op.