Been Traveling!!

Apr 29, 2011

Well here we are again! But this time I have pictures!
I just recently took a vacation to Kentucky!  The weather was beautiful there so I was able to get
some new photo's to put on this blog that needs much attention, since it has seemed like ages
since I posted anything.
After our winding and twisting road trip to kentucky, we finally made it to Albany, our destination,
where these pictures where taken. I hope you enjoy!

While stopping for a picnic I caught this robin searching for food.
And looking very regal.

Once in Albany and settled at my sisters house, she took us on a trip to this beautiful
water fall, and the bridge that her and her husband were married on!

The rock wall against the water, I think its so beautiful.


This view is within walking distance from my sisters house.
We caught it at sundown.

So for being in Kentucky for the first time I have to say, that I loved it.
Coming from Michigan to here was a dream!
Michigan is having a hard time getting spring and the warm weather started this year.
And as you can see the trees in Kentucky have all bloomed and have been for some time,
unlike the trees here that only have buds.
Leaving that warm weather was very hard, but no matter what Michigan will always be my home! :)
I hope you enjoyed the sights as well as I did!

There is more to come!

Take Care Everyone and God Bless!


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